For a safer life start

ZenTech is a Belgian biotechnology company specialized in the development, production and marketing of IVD solutions dedicated to diseases occuring at an early stage of life. 

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  • Newborn Screening

    With a worldwide network of agents and distributors, ZENTECH provides comprehensive solutions in Newborn screening (NBS) and diagnostic at early stage of life. ZENTECH provides high quality products validated on instruments and ensures a service and support close to the laboratories.

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  • Pediatric

    "Diagnostic products adapted to children..."
    ZenTech's vision is to come up with adapted In Vitro Diagnostic solutions using less or non-invasive sampling methods, and to provide a wide range of diagnostic pediatrics products...

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  • Allergy

    The ALLERGYZEN concept is an innovative assay for the determination of IgE Total and IgE Specific tested simultaneously, with common reagents for all parameters.

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  • Automates

    Automated systems for immunoassays, from sampling to results: 


    Automated puncher BSD

    Rapid tests reader, beyond reading...

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  • Others

    Immune system: getting better neuropathies diagnosis with Dotzen Ganglio Profile Ab

    Services: contract & OEM manufacturing, laboratory services

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