Early diagnostic for a better life

ZenTech is a Belgian biotechnology company specialized in the development, production and marketing of IVD kits specifically developed for prenatal, neonatal and pediatric use.

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  • Prenatalogy

    "The most flexible Down's syndrome screening program"
    Prenatal diagnostic of Down’s Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities is based on foetal karyotyping. Because of costs and risks associated with amniocentesis, karyotyping is restricted to patients at increased risk.

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  • Neonatalogy

    "Using Dried Blood Spots samples (DBS)..."
    There are 1.876 billion children aged 0 to 15 years in the world. Although they account for 28% of the human population, they do not always have access to therapies and diagnostics specifically adapted to their physiology.

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  • Pediatric

    "Diagnostic products adapted to children..."
    ZenTech's vision is to come up with adapted In Vitro Diagnostic solutions using less or non-invasive sampling methods, and to provide a wide range of diagnostic pediatrics products...

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  • Automates

    Automated systems for immunoassays, from sampling to results...: IMMUNOMAT™ and GEMINI • Cytogenetics: a unique instrument for karyotyping preparation on slides, the Zendropper • Rapid tests reader, beyond reading...

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  • Others

    Myeloperoxidase, a new biomarker of inflammation... • Immune system: getting better neuropathies diagnosis with Dotzen Ganglio Profile Ab • For research use only (CRO): immunoassays for animal hormones & peptides • Services: contract & OEM manufacturing, laboratory services

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  • News & Events

  • 10/20/16
    Bioforum 2016 of BioLiège

    The Bioforum 2016 of BioLiège

    A one-day meeting between bioindustry and young scientists.
    Wednesday Nov 16 2016

  • 10/14/16
    MEDICA 2016 - Düsseldorf

    Join us in MEDICA once again for commercial meetings, introduction to Newborn Screening NBS and share of expertise in the IVD at booth A346.

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    MEDICA 2016 Düsseldorf - Messe (14 to 17 nov)