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ZenTech's values


Beyond our clients’ needs, we must enquire continuously on their requirements, which must become priorities in each ZenTech employee’s day-to-day work.


Our clients’ satisfaction and trust depend entirely on ZenTech’s reliability and ability to satisfy their needs in terms of quality and quantity. It is a two-fold long-term “client-provider” relationship.


ZenTech has very high standards in terms of the skills required of its staff. Vocational training and natural curiosity must be prioritised both by the company and its employees.


Each individual contact with the client (visit, phone call, mail, etc.) is considered as a commercial act. The same goes for contacts with our providers, partners, etc. The “word of mouth” is an important factor in the creation of our corporate image.


The quality of our products is the highest priority for each employee. Indeed, final product quality is only possible through optimal management of each and every production step, from the management of our relations with our providers and the buying of raw material to the delivery of the final product, through all manufacturing and control steps.
Our quality assurance system allows for preventive action on anomaly risks, but also for corrective action on established non conformities. Moreover, we monitor and analyse our manufacturing and control processes in order to improve them continuously and ensure permanent analysis of our products, to develop their performance and resilience.
We are always open to internal and external (clients, etc.) proposals, ideas, suggestions and criticisms to ensure continual improvement.

Client Satisfaction

While client’s trust can be lost simply because of a misunderstanding or dissatisfaction, earning the trust of a new client is a long-term investment.
In order to satisfy our clients, we do not simply listen to their original requirements. ZenTech remains at their disposal for any new demand, question or claim. Any action for compensation or to avoid recurring malfunctions is taken by the Department Managers, in charge of quality assurance, or any other relevant person.

ZenTech Internal Values: