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Immune SystemDOTZEN GANGLIO PROFILE Ab is an immunodot assay for the determination of IgG, IgM or Ig (G+M) auto-antibodies specific to Gangliosides in human serum. This is the preferred technique for the search for anti-gangliosides because it allows testing 10 different gangliosides simultaneously and establishing a complete profile of antibodies present in serum, all in the same step.

NEW unique version of DOTZEN GANGLIO Profile Ab kit : L-ZA-24

With one single kit both screening tests with Ig(G+M) conjugate and identification tests with IgG & IgM conjugates

  • DOTZEN Ganglio Profile Ab

    code : L-ZA-24
    intended use : For the determination of hIg (G+M) and/or IgG & IgM autoantibodies against Gangliosides
    method : DOT BLOT
    sample size : 5 µl
    sample type : Serum
    incubations : 2h at 4°C + 1h at 4°C + 10' at R.T. on rocking shaker
    calibration range : qualitative
    controls : To be ordered separately : reference : L-ZA-CZ
    test/kit : 24 strips
    info : Product Info