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Diabetes: quantitative determination of Intact Proinsulin

Diabetes in children and teens...

Over the last 30 years, the number of cases of childhood diabetes has increased threefold.

Type-1 diabetes (diabetes caused by a defect in the immune system which leads to destruction of the insulin-producing cells) is the most common form of diabetes in children and has traditionally been considered as the only type of infant diabetes except in rare instances. In fact, type-1 diabetes is often called "juvenile diabetes".

However, recent findings suggest that somewhere between 8-45% of newly diagnosed children with diabetes may indeed have Type-2 diabetes (insulin deficiency due to other factors).

Measurement of intact proinsulin for the diagnostic of :


  • ELIZEN Proinsulin

    code : E-BX-96
    intended use : For the quantitative determination of Intact Proinsulin
    method : ELISA
    sample size : 100 µl
    sample type : Serum - Plasma
    incubations : 1h30 min/ RT+ 20 min/ RT
    calibration range : 0 - 100 pmol/L
    controls included : 2 level
    automation : yes
    test/kit : 96 wells
    info : Product Info